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February 01, 2021 Brian Martin Photographer 0 comments

If it can be photographed, Karl Sutphin has probably tried taking a photo of it along his life journey with a camera.  If it can’t be photographed, he has probably tried it anyway.  Karl’s photography is not easy to classify in theme, style, age, context, gender… or any other fancy art/photo terms that come to mind.

Karl’s dad, a great nature and landscape photographer, gave him his first camera when he was five.  As he grew up, he shot tons of rolls of film and progressed through many more cameras.

During Karl’s undergraduate studies, he flourished in photojournalism classes in between his psychology and education curricula.  While there, he learned how to capture decisive moments involving people, events, complex stories, and narratives.  Karl also learned how to develop and print black and white film and photos in the darkroom, which he still does on occasion today.

In 2003, Karl’s wife gave him a birthday gift of a private tutorial with Kim Weston at Edward’s, Kim’s grandfather, home outside of Carmel, CA.  With his new Hasselblad in hand, Karl learned from Kim the basics of fine-art nude photography. Since those early workshops, Karl continues to refine his craft, art, vision, and photographic aesthetic by exploring new methods, tools, media, and genres. For Karl, photography is his artistic outlet.  Whether it is a conceptual art series with models to create narrative erotic art, or teaching photo students how to create their own visions, he will give the art his complete attention to ensure its success.

Karl’s ambition for Lens Expose is to help you get your creative ideas out of your mind and into your camera.  He wants to work with you, no matter you what your experience level is, to create your art.  Karl also is excited about these opportunities to learn as well from all the creativity that will come alive.  To see more of Karl’s work click here or visit www.photoswithmeaning.com.

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