February 03, 2021 Brian Martin Clients tags: Testimonials 0 comments
Brian, just wanted to say thanks again for today. Was a pleasure learning from you guys. Just finished my first round of edits and couldn’t be more pleased. Please pass along my thanks to Liz, she is a true pleasure to work with, and you guys are terrific hosts. Hope to work with you all again in the future. Working with y’all has been a pleasure You, Karl, and Liz made it easy and fun. Can’t ask for more. Robbie Peltier- 5 May 2018Photographer Dane was exceptional, I’ve worked with many, many models and I cannot remember working with a model that I enjoyed working with as much as I did her. Beautiful and made my work as a photographer so much easier. The entire concept was great, loved the experience. David- 21 July 2018Photographer Yes, Dane was fantastic and made me feel comfortable while shooting . The setup was nice and I enjoyed the day. Everyone was a joy to be around and hope to make the next one. Steven Herzik- 21 July 2018Photographer Aw, thanks so much again for letting me know about the seminar and having me be a part of it! I had an awesome time […] Read More